9 Foods That Raise Tension and Are not Salt


Hypertension is pathology capable of damaging the heart, kidneys, or brain without presenting any symptoms. It is shown that lowering salt at meals reduces blood pressure. Now, added salt is not the only food that can harm.

1/9 Chocolate

Chocolate contains a certain amount of caffeine, and this component is not good for people with stress problems.

But chocolate is a food with many aspects: cocoa flavonoids are true that they can have beneficial effects on the heart, according to many studies. Still, on the other hand, if it is a chocolate with a small amount of cocoa, they contain more sugar and that It is no longer so good for your health.

So it is always preferable that the chocolate you choose contains 70% cocoa or more since it has low fat and sugar content.

Besides, an ounce (a square) does not have to be dangerous but try not to abuse this rich whim.

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2/9 red types of meat

Not that you should eliminate red meat from your daily diet, as it has other nutritional virtues, such as its high contribution. Now, the problem is its saturated fat content.

These substances contribute to high blood pressure and negatively affect platelet formation and blood clotting. Chicken and fish are good alternatives.

3/9 Ramen

Ramen is a typical Japanese dish that solves a meal in a few minutes. However, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate are included in its preparation, which means that in each serving, we can find about 1 g of sodium.

Also, pre-packaged noodles or noodles can increase tension. A packet of ramen noodles contains 986 mg of sodium.

4/9 Sugared Beverage

The results of a study conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom and the United States, and which was published in the scientific journal Hypertension, suggest that blood pressure gradually rises for each additional can of sugary drink consumed per day.

The exact mechanism behind this relationship is still unknown; scientists believe that too much blood sugar alters the tone of blood vessels and salt levels in the body.

5/9 Mustard

Although it is not a very caloric sauce, it is one of the richest in sodium. Its content in this mineral exceeds 2 g per 100 g.

You can dilute it or prepare your homemade sauce by grinding mustard seeds and without adding salt in its preparation.

6/9 Licorice

In small doses, it is not a problem. However, its regular consumption is not without contraindications. If we suffer from Hypertension, excess licorice can cause sodium retention and potassium loss, aggravating the pathology.

In the case of sweets, if the concentration of licorice is greater than or equal to 4 g per kg, the message should be stated: “Contains licorice: people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.”

7/9 Potatoes

If you are hypertensive, you should not abuse this tuber in your side dishes. Eating four or more servings of roasted potatoes may increase the risk of developing Hypertension.

The problem is especially in abusing the french fries because of the excess oil that this preparation implies.

On the other hand, the potato indeed contains potassium and magnesium, two minerals that do help control tension if they are included in the diet in a balanced way. You can use food storage containers to store this kind of food daily.

8/9 Alcoholic beverages

Wine, beer, spirits … any type of alcoholic beverage stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and heart rate, which raises blood pressure. This is revealed by research published in the journal Plos Medicine.

It is shown that more than two drinks a day are associated with Hypertension. However, recently it is claimed that even minor intakes could have a detrimental effect.

9/9 Fizzy drinks

Carbonated drinks raise blood pressure due to their sodium content. Now, not all carbonated drinks harm the health of our hearts.

The exception to this rule is in mineral water with gas, as this drink protects against high blood pressure.

A study by the Higher Council of Scientific Research showed that the intake of mineral water with gas reduces the concentrations of aldosterone, a hormone that increases blood pressure.

 If we are not aware that we have the tension above the recommended values, we can hardly remedy it.

Now, once the problem has been detected, it is about tackling it, and for this, we know that a low-salt diet and regular practice of moderate exercise can help you recover healthy records.

For the diet, it is important to note that it is not only not to add salt to the salad or to replace it with aromatic herbs in our recipes. But also, is about avoiding or reducing many other foods that due to its content in certain substances, not only sodium, they are configured as a “hidden” enemy for cardiovascular health.

In the gallery you have just seen, we have collected 9 foods that raise tension and prove that the fault is not always salt.9 foods that raise tension, and are not salt