Best Food Processors Reviews

KitchenAid KFC3516ER 3.5 Cup Food Chopper

A Complete Guide To Buy Food Processors

food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. Today, the term almost always refers to an electric-motor-driven appliance, although there are some manual devices also referred to as “food processors”.Food processors are similar to blenders in many forms. A food processor typically requires little to no liquid during use, unlike a blender, which requires a set amount of liquid in order for the blade to properly blend the food. Food Processors are used to blend, chop, dice, and slice, allowing for quicker meal preparation.

The food processor was introduced to the North American market in 1973 by engineer Carl Sontheimer, who had spent a year adapting a French industrial blender for the home cook. It took a few years for consumers to realize how useful the new appliance could be, but once they did, the food processor became a bestseller. Sontheimer’s invention revolutionized food preparation in home kitchens around the world.

There are four reasons you need have one food processor:

1. Do Many Jobs and Easy to clean
If you believe that the only function of your food processor is to mix sauces and make hummus, you might be completely wrong. You are able to shred a whole block of cheese through the chute of a food processor within three minutes, and you also will not be up on your tip-toes with a metal grater trying to get those last few chunks of cheese into shreds. Food processors may also be ideal for making pie dough, cutting butter into flour, chopping up veggies for almost anything, blending salad dressings, as well as making truffle batter. Food processors also have an uncanny way with nuts. In contrast to blenders, in which need a considerable amount of moisture in the bottom to obtain the consistency you’re looking for, food processors include sharper blades as well as crazy powerful motors which cut through nuts easily and can even whip up nut butters. If you’re not convinced, they’re also a much less messy way to grind meat as well as mix ingredients for meatballs.

The majority of food processors could be taken apart and placed into the dishwasher. This is key when it comes to post-dinner cleaning. Totally making the food processor worth it for your family.

2. All dips are silkier
If you are leaning towards the dip side of things, a food processor will take the MVP role throughout tailgate time of year. Not only can you make a tasty fresh pico with finely prepared vegetables, but you will also observe an obvious difference in the texture of dips from the blender compared to the food processor. Once again, the motor of the food processor is usually more powerful, meaning that the blades cut through chickpeas far more thoroughly. And, food processors are made to circulate the food around a wider spot, while blenders push food upwards.

3. No Need for Some Other Kitchen Appliance
Once you have the food processor , you don’t need the tools such as cheese grater, sharp knife, blender, whisk, pastry cutter, a garlic press… Point is, taking advantage of your food processor means that you can make one recipe without dirtying four bowls and each knife you possess. If you want to maintain flavors separate, give the plastic portion of the food processor a quick rinse prior to snapping it back into place and carrying on along your way.

4. Making More Healthy Food
Recently I started using my food processor and started making my own mayonnaise.I rinsed it out, and made my own date-and-nut bars, almond butter, pasta sauce, cashew sauce, and pesto. This made life much simpler. When I go back home at 6PM from work, the last thing I would like to do is chop veggies all night. Making use of my food processor encourages me to cook from scratch – because I know it’ll be much easier than me dirtying a whole sink full of dishes. If you do not have one food process, you can get one right now.

Five factors we need consider before buying a food processor

Food processors are available in all sizes, from small 3-cup choppers to 20-cup types which could function in a restaurant kitchen. What exactly size is right for you is determined by how many people you usually prepare food for and also the recipes you will prepare by using it. If you are normally cooking food for a family of 4 or preparing single-batch doughs, an 11-cup size processor ought to be enough. If you’re often chopping small amounts of herbs or perhaps nuts, or making small quantities of sauces, look for a processor that features a small work bowl and blade, or buy a separate 3-cup “prep” processor for these tasks.

The Power
The power of a food processor is a 2nd important concern and you ought to look for 400 watts of power for an average size machine, and up to 750 or more for large to extra-large capacities. The bigger the job, the more power needed. Furthermore, a heavy bottom is a desired design element since it assists in keeping the processor stable on the counter when in operation.

Many food processors include an entire assortment of accessories designed to maximize your use of the device. These may include several sized work bowls as well as blades, disks that slice and grate foods to varying degrees of thickness, and even attachments and speed settings that turn the processor into a citrus juicer or a bread dough kneader. Before you decide to spend the extra money on a machine with all these gadgets, think about whether you’d actually use them.

Brands and Pricing
You will find a pretty wide range of prices on food processors. It is simple to find food processors for well below $50, and the maximum you’ll have to pay for a good at-home food processor is over $150. Famous brands to consider include Cuisinart, KitchenAid, as well as Hamilton Beach. They are the most popular brands in this category, and you can be sure you’re acquiring a good product. 

Our Top 5 Food Processors

5. KitchenAid KFC3516ER 3.5 Cup Food Chopper, Empire Red

  • 3.5 cup work bowl features a locking blade, handle and pour spout for easy serving.
  • Master tasty dressings and sauces with the drizzle basin.
  • 2 speeds and pulse operation give you precise control to produce coarse or fine results.
  • Compact and lightweight, the mini food processor is the perfect size for everyday use in the kitchen.
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe work bowl, lid and blade.
KitchenAid KFC3516ER 3.5 Cup Food Chopper

4.Hamilton Beach (70730) Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

  • BOWL SCRAPER ATTACHMENT: Special attachment scrapes the sides of the bowl to keep ingredients close to the blades for more even results and to save you time when chopping or pureeing — no need to stop and remove the lid to use a spatula
  • 10 CUP CAPACITY: The generous 10 cup bowl can handle large volumes of foods without having to stop to empty it
  • LARGE FEED CHUTE: Can fit large foods like a whole block of cheese for quick, easy processing and less prep time
  • VERSATILITY OF A FOOD PROCESSOR, FOOD CHOPPER AND VEGETABLE CHOPPER: Reversible stainless steel disc slices and shreds, while the stainless steel s-blade chops, mixes and purees
  • 2 SPEEDS PLUS PULSE AND 450 WATTS OF POWER: Food processor’s low and high speeds plus pulse gives you the control you need for a variety of recipes
Hamilton Beach (70730) Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

3. Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor

  • Includes slicer disc, shredding disc, new chopping blade, detachable stem, spatula, and recipe/instruction book
  • Brushed Stainless Steel housing for enhanced durability
  • Lexan work bowl virtually shatterproof, dishwasher-safe
  • Speed automatically adjusts to ensure proper dough consistency; does not include DVD and the blade
  • One-piece Supreme wide mouth feed tube holds whole fruits and vegetables.UC Cubic Feet: 1.29
Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor

2. Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop with 200-Watt, 16-Ounce Bowl for Mincing

  • 200 Watt Power Pod
  • Effortlessly mince, chop, grind and blend a variety of ingredients for easy meal preparation or final touches
  • Perfect for garlic, onion, zest, spices, herbs, cheese, bacon crumbles, nut chopping, chocolate, dressings, sauces and spreads
  • Capacity: 16 ounces
  • Ergonomic designed power head is easy to handle

1. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

  • 250-watt food processor with 3-cup plastic work bowl
  • Chops and grinds with patented reversible stainless-steel blade
  • Simple push-button control panel; durable, yet lightweight plastic body
  • Dishwasher-safe bowl and lid for quick cleanup; spatula included
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
  • 24-ounce work bowl with handle
  • Not recommend to grind beans with this as it chops.
  • Stainless steel blade with sharp and blunt edges
  • Limited 18-month warranty
Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor