Best Portable Washing Machines Review

portable washing machine

Whether you live in a big house or a cozy small apartment, the problem of saving space must always be solved. A compact washing machine that can be installed under the sink in the bathroom or under the table in the kitchen is the best solution to the problem of the distribution of square meters.

Mini portable washers are not only the smallest, but also the most mobile ones. The light weight of these devices allows you to move from one rental department to another room. That is one reasons of the small portable washer with dryer becomes popular. Large laundry washing is a very tedious process, but now there are modern mini washing machines that can make your life easier.

Types of portable washers available

  • Top load: A traditional type of washing machine allows you to load clothes from the top. Washing is carried out using the central agitator of the top-loading portable washing machine. Today, the most manufacturers of portable washing machines now use pulsator instead of agitators. This makes the machine more energy efficient and more room for laundry. Also, these types of portable washing machines generally do not have a glass cover. Therefore, you cannot take your eyes on clothes while washing.
  • Front loader: This is a type of portable washing machine that allows you to load clothes into the washing machine through the front door. Front-loading washers generally require less water because the drums are placed horizontally. Plus, it saves energy and has no center shaker, so you can load more items. Also, portable washers work faster and are more expensive than top-load portable mini washers.
  • Sonic soak – This is another type of portable mini washer that uses ultrasonic technology and works at the microscope level to clean your clothes by 99.9%. It is completely silent and gives your delicate clothes a super smooth wash. If you want to save enough energy during washing, this type of portable washing machine may be a better option, as it uses 15 times less energy and 40 times less water than a standard washing machine.

Portable washing machine buying guide

Individual needs: When looking for something, always judge your needs in advance. It is always good to remember that you are spending hard earned money. Next, consider what clothes you have and what you bring with you when you travel, and find a washing machine that will fit them. Focus on the innate characteristics of travel and discover how a portable washing machine influences it.

Budget: Evaluate the amount of money you spend on a mini portable washing machine. In this regard, you have the option to accurately evaluate machines that meet your financial limits.

Size: All portable washers are much smaller than full-size ones, but dimensions are an important factor for people who are short on space. Manufacturers of portable washers make a clear statement of the length, width, and height of their products, targeting apartment dwellers, recreational vehicle enthusiasts, and frequent travelers. Before buying, you need to measure where you want to use your washing machine the most. If you want to store it when you are not using the washing machine, also measure the cabinet.

Power: The way to power portable electric machines is to use batteries or electronic devices. The portable electric washing machine is the perfect machine for traveling. Nonetheless, contingent upon the time you intend to use traveling, a battery-enabled washer can do the magic. Some washers save energy better than others. Keep this item in mind to ensure you get the perfect purchase for your money.

Ease of use: A good machine should be easy to use. It has a simple and detailed instruction. Also, it requires less manual labor. They have highly effective and automated functions.

Additional features: All portable washers have standard features like power options, drain options, and control buttons. As with this, some machines offer the option of making additional benefits. For example, the anti-wrinkle function is very attractive. Great additional features will make you spend extra money. But in the end, it’s worth it.

Our Top 5 Portable Washing Machines

5. COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine with Spin Dryer

  • 【Compact & Portable Washing Machine】This washing machine is portable and compact. It is perfect for your limited space such as dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RV’s, camping and more. And the light weight makes it easy for moving.【This product is not for sale in California.】
  • 【Easy Operation】This washing machine allows you to simply put in your load of clothes, fill with water, set the timer, then start washing. What’s more, our washing machine features a drain tube which allows you to easily drain out dirty water.
  • 【Timer Control】Single tub washing machine with spin basket up to 10 minutes (wash) and 5 minutes (spin) with the control timer to meet your different needs.
  • 【User Friendly】Clear lid makes you easy to see and monitor the water condition. And the small size with low power consumption can save much energy.
  • 【Shipping & Customer Service】UPS or USPS will deliver the item to your house in 3-6 business days after you placed an order. We packed the item as good as we can, if there is any damaged part, please contact us first and offer us pictures of damaged part, we will solve the problem as the way you want(discount or replacement).
COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine with Spin Dryer

4. Panda PAN56MGP3 1.34cu.ft Portable Machine

  • It is a space-saving design which makes your laundry easy and simple It is perfect for Apartment RV Vacation Home Dorm and second washer for your house
  • Lager size enhanced version 1 34cu ft capacity allows you to hold up to 10lbs of cloth timeless design portable and lightweight to carry around regular 3 prongs 110 Voltage which can be plugged anywhere
  • Electronic controls with LED display 10 washing programs and 5 water levels Stainless steel drum is durable and resists rust and chipping
  • Connect the washer directly to your faucet with the included quick connect adapter kit and hoses
Panda PAN56MGP3 1.34cu.ft Portable Machine

3. Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine Portable Compact 1.34 Cu.ft Laundry Washer

  • 〖This Product Is Not for Sale in California〗- On the control panel are there ten programs, 8 water level selections and LED display. All functions and operation including water level/spin, program/delay, time set and child lock are listed clearly. Detergent and procedure choice are also included to meet your various needs.
  • 〖Compact Design & Large Load Capacity〗- Giantex washing machine is compact and lightweight for you to easily move it in your home. But the honeycomb shaped inner tub can load 9.92 lbs at one time and wash many clothes for you. In manual, we also listed reference weight of various clothes.
  • 〖Time and Water Level Control〗- Under delay function, previous to washing, the digital timer shows your preset time but when it is washing, the digital timer shows the rest washing time. Pressing water level/spin button, you can select appropriate level. If you need to add water during washing, you can press water level/spin button and un-press will stop adding.
  • 〖Easy and Safe to Operate & Monitor〗- With detailed and specific manual, it is easy and convenient for you to operate it and inlet and drain water. Clear and transparent lid allows you to see and monitor the water and washing condition. Once child lock function is set, all buttons are locked and the machine stops run and error alarms if the top lid is opened.
  • 〖Multifunctional Control Panel〗- Automatic Imbalance Adjustment and Adjustable Foot. While spinning, if the laundries inside the tub are not put equally, it would cause violent vibration. At this time, our washing machine’s imbalance adjustment function will start automatically to adjust the imbalance situation if vibration is beyond certain level. Bottom feet can be adjusted to meet your needs.
Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine Portable Compact 1.34 Cu.ft Laundry Washer

2. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

  • Twin Tub Design – With the Twin Tub dual function design, this washing machine can save your precious time by washing and spinning dry loads at the same time. You can move clothes directly from the washer to the spinner – or run both sides together to finish your laundry.
  • ★ Powerful Performance – The portable washer machine features a 1300RPM powerful motor with a max frequency of 60Hz, rotary controls for wash timer and a water efficient design. Washer: 8 lbs., Spin Cycle: 5 lbs. Watch your clothes get clean with a translucent tub container window.
  • ★ Time/Space-Saving – Washer control timer runs for up to 15 minutes while the spin cycle timer runs for up to 5 minutes each load. Feel free to choose any time to wash. Easy to move and transport to anywhere, lightweight and space-saving design allows it easily fit in a bathroom or closet, ideal for camping trips, dormitories, or anywhere with limited space.
  • ★ Simplest yet most effective – Put the clothes in – fill with water – set time – hit start button – Go and sip your coffee – Take it out. Simply enjoy clean laundry and fragrance of laundry detergent! Wait… Did I mention our washer, that with large wave pulsates and new water flow, will not only produced less twisting of the clothing but also better cleaning and washing effect ? Features a drainage tube which allows you to easily drain out dirty water.
  • ★ Considerable design & Energy saving – Plastic body ensures this machine will never be rust eaten. Always quiet, neat and clean. Small size with low power consumption can save much energy. Warm Note: Feel free to contact seller if you have any product issue, we will respond within 24hrs and help you solve it.
SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

1. Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer

  • 【This Product Is Not for Sale in California】: This is our portable mini compact twin tub washing machine which is easy for you to operate. Saving so much time that you don’t have to go to a laundry mat or wash things by hand in the tub.
  • 【Large Capacity】: Washing tube: place clothing in the wash tub section, rated washing capacity: 11 lbs. Run the rinse cycle for the desired minutes, Rated spinner dryer capacity: 6.6 lbs (half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice).
  • 【Relief Yourself From Hand Washing】: This washing machine washer timer for 15 min and the spin timer to 5 minutes per load, you could choice the suitable time when washing. Much more freedom and options as opposed to standard washing machines that have preprogrammed settings.
  • 【Space Saving Design】: Ideal for small loads and delicate. Light weight and easily moveable. Also the wash motor is powerful. 300w washing power & 110w spinner power will help you powerful use the item.
  • 【Compact Twin Tub Washing Design 】: Convenient For Home Use. Have a filter net on the side of the washing barrel, which can easily filter when washing, and you could easily pull it off when cleaning the tube. Have a cover plate when you use the spin tube, can easily put above the cloths and avoid the high speed throw away. Easy assemble is required with all hardware packed in the package.
Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable Washing Machine