Best Virtual Reality Headsets Review

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A Complete Guide To Buy a Virtual Reality Headset

The fundamental root of virtual reality is a combination of computer gaming, 3D images, equipment simulators, computer assisted instruction and many entertainment experiences. You can also see many headset players equipped with virtual reality technology, such as Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. With the growing demand for virtual reality players, most of the top-brand headsets have begun to offer virtual reality headsets which work better with the technology. You can use the VR headset for your PC, game console, or any other mobile devices to experience the different virtual world.

Understand the Basics of Virtual Reality Headsets

The highest quality headsets created with virtual reality technology are the latest trends in the player world. It offers numerous unique features and benefits to stand out from other technical players in the market. If you have a headset with a virtual reality space, you can enjoy a 1080p OLEN screen with adjustable lenses for people with visual impairments.

It also provides many special buttons to offloads computer processing. Your PC does not have to do everything to start playing. It also guarantees maximum performance with both cameras on board. With these cameras, you can see exactly what is happening in the physical world while wearing your glasses.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Reality Headset

A better game experience

The vision seen in visual reality is much better than reality. Virtual reality technology is used in video games, and users feel they are in another world. In video games through virtual reality game controls, vibrations and other sensations are transmitted. The use of audio and images in the video is recorded in VR. In addition, it offers users an excellent gaming experience. Users can also get practical experience in the game, such as fighting with zombies.

A better movie experience

Users have a great experience with the use of virtual reality. With VR technology, users can experience real places, hear real sounds and feel as if they are looking at real things. Many people feel that they are using virtual reality technology more and more. If you use a virtual reality headset to watch a movie which is produced for VR, you can see the whole surroundings in each and every scene.

Know your vacation destination in advance

Virtual reality provides complete and detailed images of a place. For example, virtual reality makes tourist destinations more interesting and easy. Provide a detailed overview of where you want to go. This allows viewers to plan a trip by showing the actual location of the location. In addition, users can see not only important landmarks, but also important places to go with a VR headset.

Our Top 3 Virtual Reality Headset

3. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

  • Personal Viewing: The littlest, big screen. Crystal clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics make your headset feel more like a personal theater
  • Viewing with Friends: Watch with friends. Meet up in VR with friends and fans from around the world to catch live sports, concerts, or just your favorite TV show
  • Portable & Easy to use: Ready when you are. Experience portable, all-in-one VR. That means no PC, phone, wires or hassles
  • Controller: Effortless control. Whether it’s navigating to your favorite shows or to a far-off land, the intuitive controller makes getting there a cinch
  • Built-In Audio: Surrounded by sound. Spatial audio drivers are built right into the headset, providing dramatic, immersive sound without the need for bulky or tangled headphones. Oculus Go also features a 3.5 mm audio jack
Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

2. HTC VIVE Pro Starter Edition- Virtual Reality System

  • COMPLETE PREMIUM VR PACKAGE – Includes VIVE Pro Headset, 2x SteamVR Base Stations (v1.0), and 2x VIVE Controllers (v1.0)
  • STEAM VR TRACKING V1.0 – Precision movement tracking in a highly interactive space up to 11’5″ x 11’5″; seated, standing, or room-scale
  • BREATHTAKING GRAPHICS – Dual-AMOLED displays with a combined 2880 x 1600 resolution for unparalleled graphics, text, and textures
  • HI-RES-CERTIFIED AUDIO – Hi-Res, high-impedance headphones and 3D spatial sound to hear everything in the highest fidelity possible
  • ENGINEERED FOR LONG PLAY – Easy on and off, comfortable weight distribution, and accommodation for a wide range of head sizes, vision types, and even glasses
  • VIVEPORT INFINITY – Get 6 months of unlimited VR play of 700+ games & apps. Code included in box.
HTC VIVE Pro Starter Edition

1. Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

  • Top VR gaming library: Blast, slash and soar your way through the top library in VR gaming. Oculus Rift S lets you play hundreds of games and exclusives already available in the Oculus store, with so much more to come.
  • Improved Optics: Stare down the competition with next-generation lenses and a sharper display. Improved optics deliver bright, vivid colors and reduced “screen-door” effect.
  • Ergonomic Design: Keep your head in the game thanks to a halo headband redesigned with speed in mind. Rift S stays securely and comfortably in place with a quick twist of the fit wheel, so it can take-or double take-your fastest reactions.
  • Oculus Touch Controllers: Arm yourself with our updated Oculus Touch controllers. Your slashes, throws and grabs appear in VR with intuitive, realistic precision, transporting your hands and gestures right into the game.
  • Oculus Insight Tracking: Take a step forward with Oculus Insight. It translates your movements into VR no matter which way you’re facing and provides room-scale tracking without external sensors.
Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset