Do I Really Need A Food Processor

KitchenAid 5 Cup Food processor

Food processors can take food preparation to a whole new level. Most food processors today are equipped with food processor recipes to get you started. Of course, you can find plenty of recipe books yourself. Moreover, using your imagination with the manual is a great way to use the food processor and all the different things you can create with the included attachments. With a food processor like ninja blender food processor, food preparation is quick and it saves valuable time.

A brief history of food processors

In the history of kitchen appliances, food processors are relatively new to the scene. They appeared in the commercial kitchen in 1960. These highly reliable commercial machines were introduced by Robot Coupe and are still in production.

British home cooks were able to purchase Magimix (produced by Robot Coupe) in 1972, and North American home cooks were introduced to the Cuisinart food processor in 1973.

Do you really need a food processor?

Today even a cheap of good food processor can set you back a bit, so answer these questions before you buy.

  • Do you do a lot of chopping, mincing, slicing and/or shredding?
  • Do you make a lot of sauces and homemade sauces?
  • Do you use the food processor at least once a month?
  • Does the kitchen / kitchen counter have enough storage space?
  • Is there a dishwasher? (The food processor has many parts that need to be cleaned. Everything I have seen is dishwasher safe and it is safer to clean a sharp knife in the dishwasher than to wash it by hand.)

If you answered yes to at least 3 of these 5 questions, then you probably need a food processor.

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Key features of food processor to look for

Bowl size

The bowl size for a food processor varies from model to model, so think about what you will use it for and how much food you will process. Located on the main bowl of the food processor, the Mini Processor Bowl is ideal for small quantities work, making pesto and mayonnaise, and crushing nuts.


Make sure your food processor has the tools for the task you need to do. If you need the versatility of mixing smoothies or soups as well as processing food, it’s worth buying a food processor with a blender attachment. If you prepare to buy a food processor and want to bake, you may need to look for a model that comes with a beater accessory.

Maximum disk capacity

Not many food processors are equipped with this accessory, but if you use it to make liquids like almond milk then this accessory is essential. This changes the force of the processor bowl, pushing any rising liquid into the bowl. This accessory allows you to maximize the volume of the liquid and prevent it from splashing out of the processor.

Noise level

It cannot be denied that the food processor is a noisy device. If you are looking for something quiet, you rarely find one that you are completely satisfied with. The noise measurements were made from the tested model and were in the range of 68 dB to 90 dB. For comparison, typical conversation occurs at approximately 60 dB, while city traffic is measured at approximately 80 dB.