Features To Look For In A Sandwich Maker

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The sandwich maker is one of the oldest and most widely used kitchen appliances. There were times when tourists could not eat hot and fresh food because there were not many restaurants. At that time, they made sandwiches and ate them on a long journey. These sandwiches are made with equipment placed above the fireplace to prepare food.

With time, as things developed and improved, it was prepared with the help of electric and electric sandwich maker like Hamilton beach electric sandwich maker. The process was the same, but the heat used was done through the electrical system. This upgraded appliance was covered with fire resistant material so that the electricity could not flow freely, the cooking preparation went smoothly without any problem and losing of the natural flavor of the food.

Important features to look for in a sandwich maker


One of the most important characteristics of a sandwich maker should be the power. The powerful sandwich maker heats up quickly and saves you time. Choose a sandwich maker that needs 700 to 750 watts of power. The powerful sandwich maker makes it easy to make sandwiches in minutes, even if you’re late.

Number of slices

The “one size fits all” formula does not apply to sandwich maker. The slots for the slice of bread depend on the type of toaster. Some sandwich makers can make up to 4 sandwiches at a time. Depending on the size of your family, you should choose a 2- or 4-slice sandwich maker. If you have a medium-sized family, the 4-slot sandwich maker is a great option.

Plate surface

Scrapping out a piece of sandwich from a sandwich maker is the last thing you want to do on a busy morning. For this reason, we recommend that you choose a sandwich maker with a non-toxic ceramic coated surface. The non-stick coating prevents the sandwich from sticking to the surface of the device, especially when making cheese sandwiches. The non-stick coating also makes it easier to clean the device.

Adjustable heat settings

There are only a few sandwich makers with this advanced setup. Advanced features allow you to make sandwiches of different level of crispiness and colors.

Handle type

You should also consider the safety features of the electrical equipment you need to use every day. Some sandwich makers have plastic handles, while others come with stainless steel. Choosing a sandwich maker with an ergonomic handle makes it easy to transport to avoid the risk of burns and prevents overheating.

hamilton beach electric sandwich maker

How to use the sandwich maker?

Using a sandwich maker is certainly not complicated. Therefore, it is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner. With the right ingredients, it’s easy to make healthy, complete sandwiches. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the most from your sandwich maker. Below are some of the most important aspects to consider.

Learning: It may seem obvious, but the first thing you should do is learn how to use a sandwich maker. To achieve this, start by carefully reading the product description. Pay attention to all the details and warnings. If in doubt, you should generally contact the customer service helpline.

Time: Another thing to consider is the time it takes to make a sandwich. Of course, this depends on how you like your toasted sandwiches, either well toasted, barely toasted or somewhere in between. How quickly bread toast depends largely on the power of the appliance. Experimentation is often the best way to determine the time required.

Capacity: Most models of sandwich makers have the ability to create two or four sandwiches at the same time. Keep in mind that making one sandwich at a time wastes energy.

Thickness: It is necessary to consider the thickness of the sandwich that the maker can take. There are several models that can prepare sandwiches of multiple levels and use many ingredients for them. When buying bread from the supermarket, keep in mind the thickness and size of the bread.