Guide To Cook Burgers On Electric Griddle


Burgers are sandwiches. They are two buns, a patty and toppings with sauces. There are hamburgers, cheeseburgers, double patty burgers, chicken, fish and even vegetarian burgers! There are many burgers to choose from, but what makes the burger a burger? Why is it a patty? The patty is flat and round, usually made of ground meat. It’s the ingredient that makes all the difference in a burger, be it seared, steamed, baked or grilled.

Why Do You Need To Griddle Your Burgers?

Steakhouse searing

When the patty is placed on the electric griddle like Hamilton electric griddle , the proteins on the surface form delicious skin. This makes the patty burned, charred, toasty. If you like Smashed Burgers, electric griddle is perfect for restaurant-style flavors! That is the crispiness you cannot get on a common grill.

Locked-in juices

There is no grate on the griddles. That means there is no escape for juices and spices, that’s good! When cooked on a flat surface, the juices from the fat sizzle in the burger. It is more juicy than one made with charcoal grill. Cook with a little spice and flavor, think of a caramelized patty with chili, onion and black pepper. It is delicious!

Cook Burgers


You can steam the patty topping on the griddle. All you need is a basting cover to melt cheese and steam veggies. Add moisture to your burger and enhance flavor.

Consistent and predictable results

The electric griddles work as supposed. There are several different temperature levels you can control and you know how much heat the patties are getting all the time. Because flat tops keep a constant heat, patty won’t get overcooked and the other is raw. The taste is same through the whole hamburger, crispy and delicious.

How To Cook A Hamburger On Electric Griddle?

First, make sure the surface is slightly covered with oil or fat. The healthiest options are the right oils for cooking over high heat, such as avocado oil and coconut oil.

It is recommended a grill temp for burgers of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is typically medium-high heat. Remember to preheat before cooking. You can try throwing a few drops of water; it should quickly heat up and evaporates.

In the last step, place the hamburger on the electric griddle. If the thickness is approximately 3/4 an inch thick, cook one for approximately 4 minutes and the other for 3 minutes. They will be cooked through and safe to eat. Burgers should be cooked at an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that possible pathogens are eliminated or reduced to safe levels.