How is the Beetroot Face Mask Beneficial?


The beetroot ingredient is known to be an excellent source of antioxidants that possibly helps to increase the circulation of blood in the body. It helps one to improve the haemoglobin and the person who tends to intake a lot of beetroots makes one look healthier. The ingredient can also be taken by a person in the form of a juice as it purifies the blood and eliminates the toxins leaving the healthy skin to grow.

The beetroot face mask is yet another form of the beetroot that helps an individual to maintain the glow and the health of the skin, as it works from within and on the surface of the skin.

How to use the beetroot as a face mask?

This ingredient isn’t just nutritious to the body but also proves to be beneficial for the skin as many kinds of beetroot facial masks are available. There are options available in a homemade face mask and also the face mask you get in the market. This is a way of wearing a face mask which tends to clear off the dead skin cells on the face along with the making of the skin to glow. There is one famous Beetroot Face Mask available in mostly all the homes known as the oatmeal and beetroot face mask, which is made by using the two tablespoons of oatmeal along with few slices of beetroot. It needs to be blended well in the grinder till it becomes a paste and then it can be used in your home as a face mask. Wash it after 10 minutes to get a glowing pink skin. 

The second one is the mixture of the beetroot with the almond oil and this mixture works like magic on the dry skin to get more moisturization. The steps one needs to follow are is to take a blender with few slices of beetroot along with two tablespoons of yogurt and two tablespoons of almond oil and mix it to make a fine paste. This paste needs to be applied on the skin for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water for smooth skin. These two home remedies are the best options for one who needs a homemade beetroot face mask.

Benefits of the beetroot face mask

The beetroot is a beautiful looking vegetable which a lot of red colour in it which is important for all the individuals. It is known to be a full house of folate, potassium, vitamin c, and fiber. There are many benefits one can avail by using the face mask made from beetroot. The benefits it provides to the skin are as follows:-

  • When using the Beetroot Face Mask the ingredient of beetroot helps to remove the dead skin cells and open the pores which help the skin to breathe and provide a lot more other beauty benefits apart from this.
  • Beetroot in a face mask is used for the tightening of the skin as the beetroot has some antibacterial properties which help the skin to fight against the bacteria.
  • Beetroot face mask even helps in lightening the dark circles. It tends to lighten the stubborn dark circle and helps to provide a smooth skin below the eyes and even all over the face.
  • The face mask helps to replenish the moisture in the skin and makes it supple and moist. The skin exposure to the sun leads to the tanning which can also be overcome with the help of this face mask as it can make the dull skin look glow.

Therefore, it is widely suggested to take the beetroot in all the forms be it I vegetable or in the form of a face mask as it proves to be beneficial in every part it plays.