How To Clean A Sandwich Maker

Non stick panini press

The sandwiches are healthy and most people enjoy breakfast. To make your sandwich more delicious, you need the best sandwich maker. An electric sandwich maker is an essential kitchen accessory when preparing a special breakfast. There are many features to consider when choosing a sandwich maker, such as durability, efficiency, and ease of use.

Two types of sandwich makers

There are two common types of sandwich makers available. The cheaper variations have upper and lower plates that are molded into a square shape to fit regular sandwich bread. They press and seal one, two, or four classic sandwiches pocket shapes. The other more common type is the grill sandwich maker or panini press. These have ribbed plates and may have a weighted top plate to press the sandwich while grilling it. Both types of sandwich makers work basically the same.

Simple steps to clean a sandwich maker

Cleaning a panini press or grill is pretty straight forward, especially if you have a sandwich press with removable plates. But if not, don’t be afraid. After making some great sandwich recipes, all you have to do is follow these simple steps: These steps also apply to cleaning the panini grill.

Turn off the power and disconnect the power cord
Before you start cleaning the panini press, turn off the Panini press completely and unplug the power cord. If it’s unplugged and not hot, start cleaning. This helps remove dirt and greasy residue before they’ve had a chance to stick on.

Sandwich Maker

Take out the removable Plates
Clean the panini press with the removable plate. Take out the plates with oven mitts, put it in the sink and wash it. Do not soak the plate as it may damage the non-stick coating. If the dishwasher is a dishwasher safe, you can place them at this stage. Always check the manual to make sure it is dishwasher safe before putting them in though, as it can damage the plate.

Clean the plate with a sponge or cloth
This step of cleaning the panini maker such as hamilton electric sandwich maker is very easy. Take a hot and soapy cloth or sponge, but not too wet or soapy and gently wipe over the plates to remove the worst of any debris left from your scrummy snack. Then clean the surface again thoroughly and gently rub the food residue. Pay attention to the plate grooves if your sandwich maker has as food can become clogged and clean around each groove.

Are you still struggling with dirt between the grooves?
If you’re still having trouble clean the residue between the grooves, try this handy tip: grab a chopstick or the rounded end of a butter knife and wrap it in a damp kitchen towel, then clean a groove again to loosen any grime remaining.