How To Maintain and Safely Use Your Leaf Blower


Leaf blowers could be extremely effective resources for keeping your garden in order. They provide fast removal of undesirable clutter coming from your yard– you can easily use them to remove dead fallen leaves, deal with yard clippings, dry out dirty pools as well as even clear out your gutters! You can get the best leaf blower under 100 which is actually powered through gasoline in addition to those which take power from your home main supply.

You’ve only received your brand new leaf blower. It is actually all put together, and also you are actually ready to go, but you might certainly not be 100% confident knowing exactly how to maintain and safely use it. Fallen leaves blowers may be really effective devices, thus while they can do your garden a bunch of good, it is necessary to use them adequately to ensure you do not put yourself or even your lawn in any type of harm. In this article, we would discuss how to fully utilize and maintain a leaf blower.

How To Make Use Of A Leaf Blower Safely and Effectively

Before you start using your new leaf blower, you need to ensure that you have thoroughly read through the user guide and instructions. Even though you had a leaf blower in the past, every style may be actually somewhat different from the other. Also, you do not want to use it wrongly and in the process spoiling your leaf blower or even injuring your own self. This should aid you to comprehend the correct setup method for the version you have gotten.

For your own safety, you must actually be putting on a suitable outfit while you are using your leaf blower. Use ear guards to protect your hearing coming from the loud noise and also put on eye covers to protect your eyes coming from projectile particles. Ideally, you must be putting on long sleeves as well as pants too, to guard your skin from fast-moving fragments which may lead to open wounds or skin infections.

After you have actually put your leaf blower together accurately, take a minute to evaluate the region you are preparing on dealing with. Leaf blowers can have an unusual volume of power, and also some can easily even elevate rocks, which can easily create severe personal injuries as well as harm to a property such as vehicles. Be very certain that people and pets are actually at minimum fifty feet (15 meters) far from the place you are working with the leaf blower. If the location you are operating on is probably going to kick up a lot of dirt, it is advisable to use a face mask too.

With your leaf blower safely, securely and pleasantly strapped to you, put it on and start at one end of your yard. Operate in one direction to ensure you don’t disperse leaves over a location you have previously cleared. As an alternative, if there is actually no breeze, you might find it helpful to start at the side and also work inwards, towards the center– you might find that operating in a spiral way is a lot more beneficial to ensure you cover the whole region appropriately.

You can keep the leaf blower to your edge, along with the nozzle aimed at the ground at a mild angle in order that fallen leaves are in front and certainly not under your feet. As you tip forwards, move the leaf blower in a way that ensures that you cover a wider area along with each step.

You will wish to observe the slope of the ground and also the direction of the wind– so that you won’t be in a fight against nature! Ensure you make use of the wind direction to your advantage. Otherwise, that is a fight you will certainly never ever win!

You will not take out every fallen leaf; there are typically a few leftovers– these may be actually bigger than different fallen leaves on your environment, do not be disheartened. You may remove these remnants with a rake.

Maintenance of Leaf Blowers

While leaf blowers might certainly not be the absolute most complicated pieces of electrical/gasoline devices, they do have a considerable amount of fallen leaves, branches and dirt in daily usage. If it is not routinely examined as well as maintained, this may induce the unit to plug up or even die out quickly. While the maintenance for various forms of leaf blowers differ to some extent, the basic contours are actually basically the exact same. That said, you must take note that the gasoline blowers possess a rather lengthier upkeep list in contrast to an electric blower and also because of this, some maintenance routines that may work on gas blowers may certainly not be actually applicable for electric blowers. But here is some general maintenance tips for leaf blower users:

  • Wipe it down: After each usage of the leaf blower, always clean it with a moist fabric. Be certain to clean up the location around the air filter, the fan blades and also the carburetor area.
  • Regularly inspect the filter: The filter also needs to be actually devoid of debris and also in a suitable state. Clean it with well-maintained warm water, foaming water if it is very dirty. You can put a new filter if the old one is worn out and can’t function properly.
  • Check the hose: It merely takes a few secs to notice if the hose is actually split or loosened.
  • Store it in a cool and dry area: A leaf blower ought to be actually stored in an airy location far away from hazardous chemicals or anything that could light the gasoline.


Always remember to choose a completely dry day when the fallen leaves will certainly be completely dry and convenient to pick up. There is certainly a strategy to it, thus if you do not suck up all the fallen leaves on your first go, do not stress or have anxiety– you can easily always gather up the remaining ones with a rake. Leaf blower routine maintenance procedures should supply adequate safety and security against the deterioration associated with regular operation. Now you are ready for you and your leaf blower to deal with those fallen leaves once as well as for all.