How To Use The Food Processor

cuisinart mini food processor

A high-quality food processor with the ability to mash ingredients, knead, grind spices. It is one of the most versatile and convenient tools you can use in the kitchen.

A good food processor can last for years or even decades with proper care and blade replacement. However, not all food processors like cuisinart mini food processor are suitable for everyone. Depending on cooking needs and kitchen space, it is difficult to choose a larger professional-level processor and one that is more compact and easy to use.

Types of food processors: mini size and full size

Mini options range in size from one to three cups and can’t handle many foods at once. If you put too much food in the food processor, you may not be able to process anything. Basically it’s the same if you put too much in the blender. The machine freezes.

Full-size food processors are sold in sizes that can handle 5 to 20 cups and can process large amounts of ingredients at once. If you need to grate a large amount of cheese, cut a pound of Brussels sprouts, or make a lot of homemade walnut butter, a full food processor is perfect. However, you don’t need to buy the largest food processor you can find. First of all, they are more expensive and you probably don’t need a 20-cup food processor unless you’re working in a restaurant. Save money and switch to 7-10 cup models. This should be more than enough for home use.

cuisinart 14 cup food processor

How to use the food processor?

Meat grinding

Unlike vegetables, meat is very tough and has a rubbery texture. Cutting or chopping meat is always a tedious and difficult task, at least for beginners. But for food processors, that’s not a problem. All you have to do is put the “protein chunks” in and PRESS! With minimal mess and minimal effort, the ground results will be perfect.

Most food processors over 8 cups can easily handle meat. However, small motors (mini choppers) can be a little difficult because they are weak. Here are some tips for a long way: cut the meat into pieces, refrigerate them till firm then bring them to grind. It’s much easier that way.

Chop cheese, vegetables and fruits

The only task when using a food processor is to make sure that the machine has all the right conditions for it to work: space, power, skillful operation of the machine and the necessary extensions. Note that only medium to large processors have disks configured for these tasks. Mini helicopters are not very capable because they have no accessories.

Different models have different extensions. Make sure the selected product has the tools for the job.

Make salads

Just use the disk that came with the food processor and all your vegetables and fruits will be cut into small slices in seconds. Sometimes you don’t even need a knife or a cutting board. Getting dressed is even easier. Just put on blade S, add everything in. It’s fast and minimal monitoring is needed as there is not much to be concerned about. You’ll be surprised at how much time can be saved.

The only problem here is that not all salads are made faster with a food processor. That said, you can rarely do wrong using a food processor when making dressings.

Make dough

What you need to make dough with a food processor like cuisinart custom 14 cup food processor are: flour, water and about 1-2 minutes of your life.

You only need to worry about applying a thin coat of cooking spray or oil and maintaining a slow and even water supply. The rest can be left to the machine.

However, the motor does not need to be running continuously to process fibrous material from fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, make the dough need motor run continuously.