Is Laser Acne Scar Treatment safe?


Various laser treatments are available to treat acne now. Laser machines target the sebaceous glands or oil glands to produce collagen and making it less active. A few lasers additionally utilize broadband light to attempt to execute the bacteria that cause skin break out which is called P. acnes. What’s more, one machine called the Isolaz utilizes broadband light to eliminate microscopic organisms while likewise utilizing a suction gadget to attempt to clear out pores.
Laser Acne treatment is known to be safe but many necessary careful measures are must to be taken. Listed under are the pros and cons of Laser acne treatment that will tell you how safe it is and what can be the side-effects of laser acne treatment.

Pros of Laser Acne treatment:

There are so many advantages rather than many disadvantages so to name a few of the advantages you know there is:

  1. No long term morale medication and topical steroid L application wherein you keep taking for so many months and years and when this stopped again the accuracy diseases come back and the most added advantage of these lasers is where you can treat even your active acne wherein it immediately gives our best result and it greatly improves not only your acne but also your skin appearances and reduces the redness and regeneration of your skin
  2. It is a safe treatment if done under a certified physician.
  3. The most important one is that it gives definite results. No matter what kind of acne you have, laser treatments assures some progress in one session.
  4. this is a fast and lunchtime procedure with no downtime no unofficial and no side effects and you see very wonderful results in 3 2 possessions.
  5. No hassle procedure – Just feel free without any medications just come 10 to 15 minutes of procedures and these sessions and you find a wonderful result

Con’s of Laser Acne Treatment:

The cons are really two. One is that it’s not covered by insurance and it can get costly. The second is that we don’t have long-term studies that show that laser treatments are gonna put you in remission so it may be something that you have to continue doing every once in a while to keep your acne under control” says – Cybele Fishman M.D

  1. No doubt Laser treatments are costly 
  2. The procedure is long-  like you know to achieve these optimal results it typically takes four to six sessions with every four weeks of a gap in between the session – Basically it is no overnight magic treatment.
  3. And lastly, but the most important is that if not done under a certifies physician it can cause skin burns. Look for the best laser treatment for acne scars in Lahore.
  4. The results cannot be expected strictly there is no sun exposure after the laser sessions so wherein you need to use a certain nasty of formulas so to keep your skin protected which is very sensitive followed by the laser trip and no laser procedures are done during active viral or in case of any fungal skin conditions found at that clipping area also we cannot do any laser treatment if the skin is detected for any carcinomas so a dermatologist.

Lasers can be even fractional co2 laser, a laser of treatment for people with acne. A lot of scientific data supported that this laser actually shrinks the sebaceous glands that are the oil gland and causes a reduction in acne many at times this concept is contradictory to the earlier view saying that it would not be done in active acne so with scientific progress there is a lot of change in the views of treatment and now lasers is definitely one of the gold standards for treating cystic acne along with medications.  There are other laser treatments as laser skin resurfacing for acne too.

Acne scar treatment

Do Laser Acne and Acne scar treatment work?

Laser acne treatment has proven to be an effective treatment for treating mild acne.
Cystic acne is one of the severe forms of acne where there are large pimples which are deep into the skin and as they go deep into the skin they can definitely damage the skin and give you depression or scars so once a scar is a scar forever and it is permanent no matter what a modality it is treated with.
Topical medications and creams are not an answer to severe acne and the only treatment that improves the scars is laser treatment. Although it may still not erase the scars, it can surely improve a scar. 

To treat this cystic acne we definitely make use of lot of medications and also one of the best modality is the laser thing laser light goes much deeper than any surface modality of treatment like peels or LED light therapy and because of this the healing of acne is much better once the healing is better the scarring is reduced

Hence laser is actually a very nice treatment for mild acne and even cystic acne among this not only you use IPL light that is the intense pulse light but also we make use of lasers.