Reasons Why You Need A Food Processor

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The food processor is designed to save you the hassle of cooking and save valuable time in the kitchen. But they can vary significantly in price, size, and what you can do. Consider the most important things, like what size to choose and what features to look for, so you can choose the best food processor for your kitchen.

Reasons why you need a food processor:

You can shred cheese

If you think the sole purpose of the food processor like cuisinart custom 14 food processor is to puree the sauce to make hummus, then you are completely wrong. You can shred an entire block of cheese from the chute of the food processor in less than 3 minutes and you won’t be up on your tip-toes with a metal grater trying to get those last few chunks of cheese into shreds. The food processor is also perfect for making pie dough, chopping butter into flour, chopping all vegetables, mixing salad dressings, and even making truffle dough.

They are very easy to clean

Most food processors can be disassembled and placed in the dishwasher. This is important when cleaning up after dinner and can make the food processor worthwhile for the family on its own.

Replace different kitchen tools

If you counted, we do not need a cheese grater, a sharp knife, a blender, a whisk, a pastry cutter, a garlic press… The point to use the food processor is that you can make a recipe without dirtying a knife and bowls. If you want separate flavors, quickly rinse the plastic part of the food processor before snapping it back into place and continuing along your way.

Makes cooking healthy food much more accessible

To my surprise, I just started using the food processor. I’ve had it for about two years and it was collecting dust in a back corner of my cabinet, as was often the case. When I started the Whole 30 diet in February, I took it out and started making mayonnaise. I washed it and had my date with walnuts, almond butter, pasta sauce, cashew sauce, and pesto. It made life so easy. When I get home from work at 6 p.m., the last thing I want to do is chop the vegetables overnight. With a food processor, you will be encouraged to cook from scratch and it is much easier than dirtying a whole sink full of dishes. If you don’t already have one, you deserve an investment of 110%.

hamilton beach food processor

What should I look for a food processor?

All food processors like hamilton beach food processor basically do the same thing, so you’ll want to find a powerful food processor that can process food quickly and consistently. Following are some factors you need keep in mind.

Large capacity– At least 9 cups. When processing liquid ingredients, the effective capacity of the container is halved.

A wide feed tube-The wider tubes allow you to push larger foods through.

Safety device– Make sure the bowl is locked to the base, the top is locked to the bowl, and the processor does not start unless the unit is firmly locked.

Easy Operation– Many models offer a wide range of speeds, but the processing is so fast that all you really need is on / off / pulses.