Tips To Use An Electric Pressure Cooker


The pressure cooker is one of the most convenient ways to quickly get dinner to the table. Add ingredients to the pressure cooker and cover with a locking lid. When heated, the pressure cooker increases the boiling point of water, retains steam and reduces cooking time by up to 70%. Once cooked, steam can quickly escape or leave by the manual pressure release valve or let it drop on its own.

Most new models like mueller ultrapot 6q pressure cooker also offer slow cook, steam, sautĂ©, and more. These household appliances, like the cult-worthy instant cookers, are called multi-cookers. The new electric pressure cooker is also fully stacked with safety features. In addition to the built-in pressure relief valve, they also offer a locking lid and a smart automatic shut-off sensor. Therefore, these versatile and easy-to-use plug-in devices are not grandma’s pressure cooker. That said, the stove model cooks at a higher pressure than the electric pressure cooker, therefore get hotter, so if you choose between the two types, the electric pressure cooker takes a little longer to heat up and cook than the stove model.

Various brands of electric pressure cookers are currently available at present, the most popular of which are Instant, Fagor and XL pressure cookers. Each of these manufacturers offers multiple pressure cookers of various models and sizes.

Things to be considered for choosing electric pressure

Frequency of use: how often do you plan to use it to prepare your meals? If you want your family to eat all the meals in one day, consider buying more than one inner cooking pot so you don’t have to wash dishes after cooking every time you use them.

How many people you need to feed: If you generally cook up to 4 people, a 3 or 6 quart size electric pressure cooker is best. If you have a larger family or want to make a big roast or batch cook, consider buying an 8 quart size.

Desirable Features: If you want to make yogurt in a pressure cooker, make sure the pressure cooker has a yogurt button.

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How to use a pressure cooker?

If you buy a pressure cooker, you should know that there are two types: stove and electric. The stovetop pressure cooker is made of stainless steel, especially thick at the bottom. Stove pressure cookers heat up faster than electric pressure cookers. Therefore, if you want to shorten the cooking time, the latter is more suitable.

On the other hand, the electric pressure cooker can be heated without using the stove. Adjustable heat and pressure make it easy for beginners to use the pressure cooker. Some models have additional features, such as a control panel.


After buying a new kitchen appliance, people begin to use it barely check the manual. However, in this case, studying the instructions is especially important. Each cooker works differently. Also, if you are not familiar with the details of the machine before using it, you are more likely to burn food.

Use beans to be familiar with your pressure cooker

Instead of ruining your meal because you don’t know how a pressure cooker works, try cooking a simple one first. Most people recommend using beans because ruining a batch of beans doesn’t hurt. Cooking time depends on beans. Some beans are harder than others and absorb water differently.

Do not overfill

Packed-to-the-brim pressure cookers overflow dramatically when pressure is released. In these situations, food particles also tend to escape through steam holes, causing clogs. As a general rule, fill the pot with up to a maximum of one-half capacity for ingredients with a tendency to produce foam, up to two-thirds capacity for everything else.


Cheap accessories like steamer baskets, grills, ramekins, and cake pans can greatly increase the utility of your pressure cooker. Many models come with some accessories.