Types Of Baby Nasal Aspirators

Baby Nasal Aspirator

Mothers have to deal with the grossest things, right? Most people know that they deal with diapers, but they forget about the other most common body fluid, a runny nose.

Whether they have a sick, allergic, or runny nose, your baby’s nose is running. And to keep them comfortable you have to do something to get rid of their nasal passages. That is why many parents choose to buy the best nasal aspirators like electric nasal aspirator for their babies.

Types of nasal aspirators

There are different types of nasal aspirators on the market to suit different needs and budgets. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits you and your baby’s needs.

Bulb Aspirators

Bulb aspirator is at the bottom of the chain. They are very easy to use and relatively affordable. The drawback to this type of nasal aspirator is that you have to squeeze the bulb to let air out before inserting the tip of the device into your baby’s nose. They are the most common item, sometimes used in hospitals and given to new mothers. It can be used in various ways, but it is important to know that it can only be used once. Some parents prefer inexpensive disposable Bulb aspirator. However, this type of bulb aspirator is very difficult to clean and become dangerous over time.

Oral Suction Aspirators

This aspirator works by generating a vacuum by sucking on the mouthpiece at the other end. One end enters the baby’s nose and the other end goes into your mouth. As soon as you suck on the other side, you will pull out the snot.

The nasal discharge is collected in a container, so it will not get anywhere in your mouth. However, bacteria in the nasal cavity easily enter your mouth. Fortunately, there are several models on the market with replaceable filters that help prevent bacteria from entering the mouth. Some parents prefer this type because they have full control over the level of suction and can even get rid of stubborn snot.

Electric Aspirator

The electric option should be one of the best baby nasal aspirators. It is efficient and less dirty than the manual option. Electric nasal aspirators are often considered a paradise for lazy mothers. As a result, there are no operations associated with suction, squeezing, or other manual labor. This is great for most moms, especially new moms.

Making this aspirator to work, all you need to do is press a button, insert it into your baby’s nasal cavity, and wait until the snot runs out. This electric aspirator provides continuous suction and is ideal for all types of runny snot. The only drawback to this device is that some manufacturers limit the amount of suction the device can produce. This is usually weak and has been fixed so it cannot be adjusted.

Things need be considered when choosing the best nasal aspirator?

Before buying a nasal aspirator, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you have something that is easy to use and that lasts a long time.


The aspirator must remove mucus from the baby’s nose quickly and effectively. It must be a very quick process since babies do not appreciate the use of aspirator!


The vacuum cleaner should be easy to disassemble and clean for good hygiene.


If you have a sponge that needs to be replaced, make sure the nasal aspirator comes with parts or is easy to buy. Some nasal aspirators come with a health kit, such as a thermometer and nail clippers.