What Is A Food Processor And Its Usage

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Food processors are tools designed to perform repetitive kitchen activities very quickly. Chopping, grinding, crushing, cutting, and shredding are repetitive tasks, and using a food processor like kitchenaid 7 cup food processor makes it much easier, especially when making large amounts.

What you can do with a food processor?

A food processor is a great multifunctional tool to put in the kitchen. From grating cheese, mixing dough, chopping vegetables, and making sauce and hummus, food processors can make tedious tasks much easier.

Currently, most food processors come with multiple accessories. Typically, these accessories include two-width grater, slicing tools, and a blending attachment. Essentially, a food processor automates the work of the cheese grater, mandolin, and dicing. This not only saves time, but also reduces labor effort and the cleaning is also easier.

Ways to use a food processor

Shredding– You can do this with one of the blade attachments and it is very suitable for shredding cheese. If you use recipes that use shredded cheese, creating your own recipes can greatly improve the flavor of those recipes. Fresh shredded cheese is more delicious than store-bought shredded cheese, and it only takes a few seconds to shred. Try your own shredded cheese for pizza or lasagna.

Chopping-This is probably one of the known uses of food processors and it is fast. If you are used to spending a lot of time chopping up food for use in recipes, you may be surprised at how much time you can save. All you need to do is send large chunks of fruits and vegetables to the processor and it chops them completely and evenly in seconds.

Slicing-Just using one of the blade attachments for this and feed a large piece to the processor. For example, enough potato slices in just seconds, then you can bake a large potato. You can do the same with apples; they are instantly chopped and ready for making a pie or cooking up ready for making into homemade apple sauce.

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Mixing-You can mix the dry ingredients such as you would do with a cake and add in the wet ingredients slowly through the lid of the processor for the best cake batter consistency. You can start at low speed and then hit beat the mix at high speed for best results.

Soups-Part of what a food processor does is making a puree mixture of all the vegetables in the soup and you can add cooled liquid. When processed, you will have a perfectly smooth, nutrient-rich soup.

Bread and dough-Food processors do a great job of mixing and kneading. The oven will do the rest. You can also make pizza dough and then use your own homemade tomato sauce and shredded cheese, as well as vegetables and meats processed by your food processor.

Ice cream-Another favorite is that you need to get fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, and mangoes and freeze them. Put the frozen fruit pieces in a food processor like hamilton beach 10 cup food processor , pulse until everything breaks, then add a small amount of natural yogurt and puree it. Instant, smooth, natural fruit ice cream is what you can eat.