What You Should Know About A Pressure Cooker


Today the pressure cooker is common in our daily life. These devices have been in use for a long time. They made life easier, reduced cooking time, and actually benefited the working class. From roasting meat to cooking stews or making beans, everything can be done easily with a pressure cooker like instant pot duo80 8 qt 7-in-1 multi- use programmable pressure cooker. Ideally, what would take hours before can be completed in minutes. This is all due to the fact that they use the laws of physics in a more concentrated way.

Even restaurants use a stove-top pressure cooker, probably because they are the most widely used and easiest to use. It was only a matter of time before the electric pressure cooker revolutionized the industry as everything going electric or green. This new type of pressure cooker has the excellent function of replacing the first generation cooker, and the cooking time will be the same or shorter.

Things you should know about a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker can cook rice in minutes and cook tougher items like beans and chickpeas in less than an hour. It is ideal for tenderizing stewed or roasted meats. But people also can cook other types of food.

Quick & Natural Release

There are two options for reducing the pressure in the electric pressure cooker once it has been cooked. Quick release and natural release. What you use depends on what you cook.

  • Quick release means that pressure can be released immediately after active cooking by turning, lifting or pushing the pressure relief valve. This release method is generally used for foods that do not benefit from the extra cooking time, such as eggs. The pressure release takes about 1-2 minutes.
  • Natural release means the slow release of pressure from an electric pressure cooker. In most cases, you don’t need to do anything to enable this. It will fall automatically. This method is particularly suitable for foods that foam during cooking, such as dried beans. Most models of electric pressure cookers have an indicator pin that lowers when pressure is released. Otherwise, it can take 10-15 minutes, depending on the model and the heat you’re cooking.

High, medium, low pressure

Use high, medium or low pressure, depending on what you are cooking. Not all electric pressure cookers have a medium pressure option. The manual that comes with the electric pressure cooker should indicate what type of pressure to use for each type of food.

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PSI stands for “pounds per square inch”

However, this can change depending on whether you have a standard or non-standard electric pressure cooker. The presence of non-standard pressure cookers will affect cooking time. Always refer to the manual to see what low and high pressure means for your model.

Pressure Indicator

The pressure indicator is located on the lid of the electric pressure cooker. Generally, it’s a small pin that pops up to notify you when the electric pressure cooker reaches the correct pressure. You can also see that the pressure dropped when the pin fell.

The pressure indicator also functions as a lock on the electric pressure cooker. Therefore, it is sometimes called a “lock indicator.”

Silicone sealing ring

A silicone sealing ring or gasket ring is located inside the lid of the electric pressure cooker. This ring provides an airtight seal that prevents steam and air from leaking during cooking.

Trivet and Steam Basket

Electric pressure cookers can come with a trivet and, in some cases, a steam basket. These are used to prevent food from touching the bottom of the rice cooker. The trivet is perfectly fine for cooking hard boiled eggs.